Social Networks

Social networking sites or to better phrase it Educational Networking sites have been around for quite awhile. What student doesn't have a Facebook or MySpace page. There are numerous social network websites available, chances are you, your friends and family, and your students have at least one social network that they are a member of.


Social Network Updaters

Soical Networking Disclaimer for Educators
Social networks can be a great place to meet colleagues with similar interests. The opportunity to keep up with family, friends and associates by using social networks can, and is, educational and even fun. I take a quick look at my social networks every day to see what everyone is up to. I check Twitter several times a day to see what the Edubloggers that I follow are doing and chances are, I will probably send a Tweet myself telling those that follow me what I am presently doing. If you choose to have a social network profile to communicate with family, friends and colleagues I would recommend that you not extend your social network to include your students. You see your students every day. Why would you want to open yourself up to even the hint of any impropriety with your students by allowing them to become your friends on your social network.

Also, remember anything that you choose to put into cyberspace is potentially viewable by anyone, your students, parents, principals, administrators, superintendents, etc. Please do not put anything out there on your social networking sites that could come back to haunt you.

Take a look at the following resources concerning teachers and their sometimes inappropriate use of social networking websites. I will add additional links to other social networking sites and education as I come across them.

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