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What is Flock? Flock is a web browser with a twist. It is made for those who do a lot of work with social networking sites and for those who blog. Actually, I have used flock for a few days now I and have to say that I really like what you are able to do with the people sidebar feature in Flock once you have logged into all of your social networking sites. Flock supports 19 different plus services, so chances are your favorite social network will be included.


This is the feature that really got me excited about Flock. I was trying, without success to embed a Ustream video into my Blogger site and just wasn't having any luck. Well the solution was using Flock's Blog Editor. It looks like a blue feather up in the menu bar. By selecting this feature I was able to "drag and drop" the video, make a few comments on my blog and then Flock made a blog post for me. In my opinion, that is a pretty neat way of updating your blog. I have run into a few problems with this however. When I went back into my Blogger site and tried to make some editing changes, Blogger told me that "the tag wasn't closed". I tried eveyting I could think of to close the tab, in html code, but I still couldn't "re-publish" the post I had created in Flock.

Social Network Sites

Flock supports 19 different Plus Services, or social networking sites. This is one of the very neat features that I like. Located in the top of the menu bar next to the world icon, the people icon, once you click on it will populate the sidebare with friends you have on that social netowk, Flikr, Digg, Gmail, YouTube, Facebook, Yahoo Mail, Blogger, Twitter and others are suported by Flock. For some of you who are reading this, this alone should be enough reason for you to give Flock a try.

Flock is from Mozilla, the same service that offers Firefox 3.

Supported Operating Systems: Windows, Max OS, Linux

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I have been able to find some other good video tutorials concerning Flock. Most of these are YouTube videos so if YouTube is blocked at your school or work you might want to view them at home, or somewhere else where you have YouTube access.

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